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Why Install WordPress Manually?

Originally designed as a blogging platform, WordPress has become widely used as a content management system (CMS) for the web.

You may have automated installation of popular web applications, including WordPress, available through your webhost – Fantastico and Scriptaculous are common examples of these services. I recommend not using these, for two main reasons.

  • Security – the default settings of the automated installer will be known and exploitable
  • You won’t learn as much as you will be choosing to manually install.

So installing manually brings the benefit of empowerment, and with WordPress, the manual procedure’s well documented: just refer to the first port of call for WordPress, the documentation, known as the ‘codex’.

If you need more, read on for my companion tutorial.

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Araibira Sumo Video Content

You Tube user Araibira has built a ¬†following for his channel by providing footage of Japanese Sumo bouts day-by-day during the major tournaments. If you’re a fan like me, it’s great for catching up on the twists of your favourite sumotori. But Araibira diversifies his content too, uploading longer form material on the culture and politics of sumo, and the occasional compilation.


Not tiring of watching this compilation of wins by the Czech sumotori. This beautiful eight-minute piece highlights Takanoyama’s impressive skills, strength, and his ability to turn a bout – and sometimes his opponent – around at the last possible moment.

Watch out for how araibira gives us slow-motion and replays on some of the notable winning techniques, at exactly the right points for the viewer, and how the use of music encourages an epic and emotionally thrilling tone to the work. The ‘card swap‘ transitions between each clip, meanwhile, really help the momentum of the video while providing a clear break between each clip.